How Much does it Cost to Hire a Handyman?

Do you have some work around the house that you need done, like hanging artwork or perhaps resealing your tub? If you are unable to do the work yourself, or just plain don’t want to, you’ll need to hire a handyman in Singapore. But how much does that cost? Trying to search online can be tricky as there are so many service providers and your so unsure who is good and who is bad. Well, we decided to come up with this article and price list here for your consideration and budget means.

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Fixed or hourly rates

When you first consult a handyman, their rates will all depend on what you need to be done as well as if there are any additional materials that would need to be purchased in order to get the job done. Our rates will also depend greatly on our experience. An inexperienced handyman will be much cheaper but might not have the know-how to get your job done right. Meanwhile an expert craftsman is going to cost quite a lot more. Some handymen, experienced or not, will charge a larger fee for the first hour and reduced rates for every hour after. You may also encounter handymen that offer fixed rates, but take these only as a guide for a ball-park figure of what your costs will be. Make sure to get a quote before you put your handyman to work.

Emergency situations

Of course, if you have to call on a handyman for an emergency repair, you’re going to have to pay a premium fee. Or try to fix it yourself and save some money. But if you have no experience with electrical or plumbing fiascos, don’t try to be a hero. Pay the premium or you’ll wind up costing yourself much more.

Additional materials

If your handyman needs to purchase parts to complete your job, the cost of those will be tacked onto the hourly rate you’re quoted with. Before hiring your handyman, get a quote that includes the total hourly rate plus how much the materials will cost. You might be able to save yourself some costs by purchasing the materials needed for your handyman on your own.

Plan your budget

When considering your budget, you’ll need to think about how long it might take to have this work completed, plus if you need multiple projects completed, you’ll need to consider the time those will take as well as the costs per hour. However, be prepared to hire a plumber or electrician should the work you have be too highly specialised. While handymen are great for taking care of many things around your home, plumbers and electricians are specially trained in their industries and should be hired to handle those kinds of problems. Here is our latest Price List (updated 1st Jan 2019) -Inclusive of transport charges

Replace Door Knob  SGD$120

Replace Bedroom Door SGD$380

Install Shelves SGD$70

Install TV Brackets SGD$80

Install Wall mounted Fan SGD$120

Install Ceiling Fan SGD$150

Install Chandelier SGD$120

Install Mirrors SGD$70

Install Pictures and Frames from SGD$60

Assemble Tables or Chairs SGD$60

Replace leaking pipes from SGD$80

Install/Replace toilet bowl SGD$180

Install/Replace Water Taps SGD$60

Install/Replace Shower sets SGD$80

Clear Kitchen/Basin/Toilet Bowl Choke SGD$120

Install/Replace Instant Heater SGD$100

Install/Replace Big Heater SGD$150

Replace Switch Socket outlet SGD$60

Replace Light Fittings/Light Bulbs SGD$60

3room HDB Painting Services SGD$1280

4room HDB Painting Services SGD$1480

5room HDB Painting Services SGD$1580

5room Executive HDB Painting Services $1780

One room painting Services $280 onwards

Other painting services and handyman jobs – Please enquire +65 8282 6888

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